Nuestro equipo​

Nuestro equipo – Studio Esthetique es el resultado de años de esfuerzo y anhelos de dos profesionales, uno cubano y otro chileno, con carreras muy productivas en el área de estética, spa, bienestar y medicinas chinas, ayurvédicas y cubanas.

Patricia Ibarra Lema Integral Esthetician of recognized prestige, professor of cosmetology and corporal aesthetics for several years in the city of Temuco, was director of Trinidad Spa Temuco, one of the pillars of this new proposal. Fernando Pita Santana, Cuban medical biophysicist, one of the benchmarks of traditional Chinese medicine in the country, with a vast trajectory in the implementation of Thermal Spas in Chile including training and qualification of its staff, founder of Trinidad Spa internationally is the other pillar of the new International Academy. Today with 8 years training beauty and spa professionals, it is gratifying to remember several milestones in our development.

The visit of a group of teachers and students of the Aesthetics and Cosmetics Technology career of the UNIS Educational Group based in the city of Varginha, State of Minas Gerais, Brazil. For a week we were able to share both professionally and personally. The Advanced Training Program in Aesthetic Technology was the reason for such a transcendent meeting. Today it is a pleasure to announce that we have formalized an International Cooperation Protocol with the Minas Gerais Teaching and Research Foundation (UNIS Group). This protocol opens up many possibilities for development and growth for both academic communities. We are working intensively on the implementation of this important agreement.

Since 2017 we have taught the career of Massage Therapy with a solid curriculum. In 2018 we began to teach Professional Hairdressing, today one of the pillars of our educational offer. The COVID 19 pandemic accelerated our plans to incorporate more digital tools into the training of new generations. In 2020 our meshes were updated and enriched by adding modules and training tools. Today we are developing content based on the most sophisticated digital tools available.

Nuestro equipo